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  Zhejiang HaoStar Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.( Formerly Qixing Group Wenzhou Ouhai Seven stars Dairy Equipment Factory). was founded in 1995, has long been engaged in the design, development, production and marketing of mechanical equipment. It is located in the advanced equipment industry gathering area of Wenzhou in southern Zhejiang, the state-level Wenzhou Economic Technology Development Zone Binhai Park, facing Ouhai, shoulder burden mountain, close to Sanyang wetlands, monuments, dotted, beautiful scenery. In the city of land, sea and air transport hub: Binhai Avenue, Yongqiang Avenue, Ouhai Avenue, the city rail light rail S1, S2 along the Shenhai high-speed double-Ningbo Expressway, Longwan International Airport 8 km, 12 km from the terminal, Wenzhou Railway Station 22 km, logistics developed, convenient transportation.

  CN.HAOSTAR ® Hao star Company is a highly efficient wet grinding technology and leader in high shear dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, mixing and mixing systems. All equipment is tailor-made for customers, including laboratory to industrial production and complete sets of equipment , Has a lot of equipment technology patents and new projects of science and technology projects. Has a strong resource integration and the use of capacity, strong R & D strength, a wide range of global marketing network, a strong financial strength and project financing capacity, formed a covering design, research and development, manufacturing, international trade and other aspects of the complete industrial chain, Of the industrial value and market competitive advantage.

  CN.HAOSTAR ® Hao Star Company under the Wenzhou Electrical and Mechanical Technology Association, Food and Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry Association, China Invention Association, China Quality Inspection Association, China Light Industry Machinery Association, China's food and pharmaceutical machinery production base and other member units, ISO9001 certification, the implementation of national Q / HX 01 "colloid mill" Q / HX 02; "line grinding pump" Q / HX 03, "high-performance water powder mixing pump" Q / HX 04, QJ and other standards. Since 2000 has been obtained colloid mill, grinding machine, high-performance solid-liquid emulsion grinding pump, high-performance solid-liquid emulsion grinding pump, automatic multi-functional water powder mixed emulsion grinding pump, pipeline high shear emulsion colloid mill, high-speed powder Grinding machine, active slurry dispersion mixing and grinding equipment, multi-function grinding machine, high-speed emulsified homogeneous mixer, titanium black wet ultra-fine particles processing equipment, multi-functional emulsion mixer, multi-stage grinding grinding emulsified colloid mill , All closed colloid mill and so on more than 40 national patents, nano-grinding pump, intelligent low-temperature colloid mill to fill the international blank technology new products. And won the Chinese food packaging and machinery industry "integrity unit", the national quality inspection and stability of qualified products, the Chinese Quality Association advanced units and advanced individual members, Zhejiang Science and Technology Department of science and technology products, in 2014 by the Wenzhou Electrical and Mechanical Industry " Enterprise "" Star entrepreneur ", won the Electrical and Mechanical Industry in 2015 innovative technology companies and outstanding technology craftsmen, 2016 won the Zhejiang Province science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, the open area of science and technology innovation enterprises, Wenzhou City Science and Technology (innovation) enterprises, Zhejiang Province Industrial new products such as honor.

  CN.HAOSTAR ® Hao Star Company headquarters with more than 3,000 square meters of modern production workshop and office buildings, high and mid-level engineers 5, 20 employees, complete hardware and software facilities, universal lift milling machine, CNC drilling rigs, CNC lathes, Hydraulic machine, universal precision milling machine, welding machine, radial drilling machine, automatic wire drilling machine and other high-precision machining equipment. Professional colloid mill, closed colloid mill, split colloid mill, horizontal colloid mill, low temperature colloid mill, high temperature grinding machine, Titanium powder grinding pump, white carbon beating pump (model: shear colloid homogenizer, high shear mixed homogenization pump), wear-resistant corrosion-resistant grinding pump, high-speed beating pump, high shear grinding machine, multi-function Mixing pump, pneumatic pump, pneumatic pump, mixing pump, pneumatic pump, mixing pump, pneumatic pump, mixing pump, pneumatic pump, High-shear dispersion emulsification pump, automatic canister, water treatment equipment, enrichment equipment, filtration equipment, sandwich pot, hot and cold cylinder, reactor, fermentation tank, storage tank, ingredients tank, valve pipe fittings and electromechanical products Services, covering the industry, agriculture, transportation, energy, construction, light industry, automobile, ship, mine, metallurgy, ceramics, titanium dioxide, carbon black, flame retardant materials, coating, catalyst, lubricating synthetic fat, high performance fiber, Universities and key research institutes, aerospace and other important areas of national economy, for the world more than 140 countries and regions to provide professional services.

  Our technical staff make full use of independent property rights and patent science and technology in all aspects of innovation advantages, the successful development of new pipeline-type colloid mill, titanium dioxide multi-function grinding machine (high-speed colloid homogenizer), colloid beating pump, Nano-grinding pump, MC efficient mixer, emulsifier and other new products. (Patented technology) is fully practical, can be in the cooling cycle without material drying, will not damage the dynamic sealing performance and mechanical equipment, the use of special dynamic sealing, rotating body parts, pump special structure, such as water-cooled cooling device (patented technology) Performance, low maintenance rate, low friction power consumption, high-speed dispersion, grinding fineness less, 24 hours continuous operation, import pipeline online, automatic integration, high efficiency. The project is currently the only alternative to imported mixer, imported beater, imported colloid mill, imported grinding machine or sand mill imported equipment localization transformation of technological transformation products, and thus successfully used in titanium slag to produce titanium dioxide in the end of the dispersion (Titanium dioxide), white carbon black (silica) filter cake high-speed mixing, depolymerization, dispersion, homogenization, beating and transportation of the process. As well as used in waterproof materials, flame retardants, digestants, foaming agents, catalysts, nanomaterials, lubricants, chemicals, capsules, biochemicals, fine chemicals, water treatment, sewage treatment, waste treatment, silicone glass fiber reinforced plastic , Adhesives, oil and water emulsification, calcium sulfate and other types of fluids, colloidal slurry and paste materials such as high-speed dispersion, grinding, depolymerization, homogenization, refinement and other production processes have a greater play on the post-processing. Product characteristics are similar to similar products in its production efficiency several times, can significantly reduce the cost of production costs, and uniform particles, cleaning color for convenience, no grinding impurities and other properties. March 2011 "pipeline multi-function grinding machine" access to scientific and technological development project project, in August 2013 "titanium white with continuous grinding machine" access to Zhejiang Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology Achievements ... ..., these innovative new technology through the development of the conversion has been Industrial production of new products, the use of units: the United States Dow Corporation, Taiwan Li An Dong Chemical Co., Ltd., Tonghua Shuanglong Chemical Co., Ltd., Thailand OSC Siam Silica Co., Ltd., Shandong Ocean Chemical Research Institute Tianyi company, Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Co., Ltd., Jiaying Flame Retardant Material Co., Ltd., Bass V-Flame Retardant Material Co., Ltd., Jinpu Titanium Industry, Dongjia Group, Large Interchange Titanium Industry, Titanium Material Technology, Huiyun Titanium Industry Ltd., Haiya Sai Biological Materials Co., Ltd., Haiya Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Kai Ming Catalyst Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou University Catalyst Co., Ltd.) with the Huayu Carbon black Yongdeli Capsule, Qianjiang Capsule, Zhongya Capsule, Zhejiang Green Health Capsule Co., Ltd., Kang Enbei Group, Xianju Pharmaceutical, Xinchang Pharmaceutical, PetroChina Chongqing Branch (formerly Chongqing Yiping Lubrication Co., Ltd.), Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch (catalyst), Chai Chai New Energy Co., Ltd., Natu Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Bairui Sen Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd., China Rubber Group Special Materials Research Institute, China Forestry Science Research Institute, Institute of Forest Products and Chemical Industry Enterprise research and production of scientific research pilot equipment, praised by the majority of users and favor.

  CN.HAOSTAR ® Hao Star companies adhering to the "Innovation, school, and summed up" the spirit of enterprise, the enterprise into a learning organization, to achieve the common growth of employees and companies. In the face of the new round of economic and trade challenges, enterprises to promote the overall strategic human resource management as the focus, from labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive industries, from commodity management to commodity and capital simultaneously, from the domestic market to domestic and International market and transfer "development strategy, in order to achieve Hao Hao CN.HAOSTAR ®" five years a domestic first-class, ten years a world brand "grand blueprint and struggle.

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