Dairy Equipment
JM series colloidal mills
Colloid pump
GS Series Screw pump
High-Shear Homogenizer
Kettle type emulsifier
Mix the pump
Suction powder mixer
Piping fittings
Pneumatic pulp pump
Structure diagram of vertical type THJ-L machine
1. Inlet hopper 2. Regulating valve 3. Pump crust I 4. Clapboard
5. Fluid inlet 6. Pump crust II 7. Motor cabinet 8. Enclosing board
9. Motor 10. Rotary shaft 11. Mechanical sealing 12. Material outlet
13. Impeller 14. Cover-shaped screw cap 15. Screw cap
Structure diagram of separated type THJ-F machine
1. Material inlet 2. Regulating valve 3. Fluid inlet
4. Bracket 5. Bearing 6. Stationary screw
7. Driven pulley 8. Pump body 9. Material outlet
10. Motor 11. Stationary screw 12. Seat of machine
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