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Food Industry: homogeneous concentrated fruit juice, long fiber drinks, soup, all kinds of jam, fruit juice, mashed potatoes, mustard cake, etc.;
Dairy: homogeneous fermented dairy products: yogurt, soft cheese, butter, dairy products and other renewable;
Homogeneous dairy products: such as ice cream, chocolate milk, cocoa milk, CMC, starch, malt extract, etc.;
Bio-pharmaceutical industry: tissue, tissue body crushed injection; antibiotics; drug ointment; microcapsule emulsion, etc.;
Cosmetics Industry: emulsifying a variety of facial cream, lipstick, liquid detergent, facial cleanser, skin care products, shampoo, etc.;
Chemical industry: resin emulsification, surface active agent, carbon black dispersion; dye coating, etc.;
Petrochemical Industry: emulsified asphalt; modified asphalt; heavy oil emulsion; diesel oil emulsion; lubricant; silicone oil emulsion, etc.;
Homogeneous production of PVC plasticizers: a variety of emulsifiers, photographic emulsion, additives, and other areas of applied science and technology.

Mixed Dissolution:
Soluble solid or liquid and liquid or gelatinous state of the molecular crystal powder blended with salt, sugar, ethyl ether sulfate, abrasive, hydrolysis colloid, CMC, thixotropic agent, rubber, natural and synthetic resins

Dispersed suspension:
Immiscible solids and liquid mixture to form a smaller particle size or a suspension catalyst, matting agents, pigments, graphite, paint coatings, alumina, compound fertilizers, ink, fillers, herbicides, fungicides

Homogeneous emulsion:
Immiscible liquids and liquids with no separation of cream, ice cream, animal fat, vegetable oil, protein, silicone oil, light oil, mineral oil, paraffin wax and wax emulsion, rosin

Emulsified and suspended particle size so that smaller, more uniform distribution of butter, spices, fruit juice, jam, spices, cheese, fat emulsion, toothpaste, printing ink, enamel

Puree to resolve:
Tissue, organic organizations,
Animal and plant tissue

Chemical reactions:
Nano-materials, to accelerate inflation to accelerate the synthesis of

Extraction of depolymerization:
Nano-powder, reunion powder, vortex extraction.

Precipitation demulsification:
Oil emulsion dehydration

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