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Working principle
    Hao stars powder emulsified homogeneous Mixer (mixing pump-priming powder) SSC-W series uses a special dynamic seal (using a number of patented technologies have been made for the country), can be dried in the absence of material circumstances change, without damaging the dynamic sealing performance and mechanical properties, maintenance of low friction power is small, uniformly dispersed, effective, efficient, automated mechanism and so on. The machine spindle speed of up to 2000-3500 per minute change, work per minute line speeds of up to 1200-5100M or 12000M. Is mainly used for the need to conduct self-priming powder powder and liquid dispersion, homogenization, mixing, emulsification, grinding and other functions, applicable to the fineness with high requirements, Yung-caking, mission-like powder and liquid mixture of materials dispersed emulsion, etc. process, completely replace the simple working principle of distributed machines, mixers, homogenizing machines and other equipment.
    Hao stars powder emulsified homogeneous Mixer (mixing pump-priming powder) SSC series of working mechanism is the use of special high-speed rotation of the rotor vacuum, the powder evenly inhalation working chamber, and put it evenly distributed in the rapid flow of sap flow , in the instant flow of powder is completely wet, do not produce reunion lumps. Then the liquid and powder through a high shear rotor structure so as to disperse any possible poly-block objects, the last fully dispersed evenly moist and ideal for solid-liquid mixture.

Hao stars powder mixer as a whole emulsified homogeneous matching process

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