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1, Environmental Protection: Industrial wastewater, sewage, containing solid particles and short fibers of the dregs of the delivery. Especially suitable for oil-water separator, frame filter presses and other equipment.
2, shipbuilding industry: round at the end of cleaning, oil and water, diesel, oil and water and other media delivery.
3, the oil industry: transportation of crude oil. In recent years, particularly successful in 1000 meters deep underground pumping of crude oil and water mixture, coal inside the coal gas and water mixture, thereby greatly reducing the mechanical oil extraction, coal mining fields the cost of gas. When the oil fields to a later stage, the use of infusion pumps to the polymer formation to increase oil recovery.
4, medicine, daily chemical: a variety of thick syrup, emulsion, ointment cosmetics and so on all kinds of transport.
5, food canning industry: a variety of sticky starch, oil, honey, sugar, sauce, pulp, butter, meat, surimi, as well as the delivery of their scraps.
6, brewing industry: a variety of fermentation viscous liquid, concentrated distiller's grains, grain products slag, all kinds of sauce, paste, and containing mucus and other bulk solid materials.
7, the construction industry: cement mortar, stone mortar, paints, and other mushy body spray and transport.
8, the mining industry: the mine containing solid particles such as underground and sewage jiangshui row sent to the ground.
9, the chemical industry: a variety of suspensions, oils, various colloidal slurry, a variety of adhesives.
10, printing and paper industry: high-viscosity inks, polymer plastic PVC wallpaper paste and various concentrations of pulp, short fiber pulp conveyor

Working medium
  • A variety of viscosity of fluids, in particular, difficult to transport high-viscosity media.
  • Various concentrations of fluids and dehydration through the separation of dry materials.
  • Containing solid particles, fibers, suspended solids of the fluid. Liquid, gas, solid mixture.
  • Can not be affected by stirring, cutting, squeezing the sensitivity of the liquid.
  • Corrosive liquids.
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