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Manual of JM series colloidal mill
JM series colloidal mill is a new-type equipment of wet type super micro grain processing, suitable for the homogenization, emulsification, separation, smash and milling of various emulsions. It is widely used in foodstuff (fruit jam, juice, albumen milk, soy milk, milk tea, dairy, beverage, etc.), pharmacy (various syrups, nutrition liquid, Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, poultice, etc.), daily chemical (toothpaste, cosmetic, washing lotion, etc.), chemical industry (pigment, dyestuff, dope, lubrication, petroleum activator, etc.), emulsion asphalt, coal floating agent, ceramic glaze, emulsion detonator, nanometer material, etc.
JM series colloidal mill product with compact design, beautiful appearance, fine sealing, stable performance, convenient operation, simple decoration, high production benefit as well as other features, it is the most ideal processing equipment for treating fine material.
  Expect motor and part of accessories, all of the components and parts contacting to material are made by high-intensity stainless steel, especially, the movable and static millstones are carried out strengthen treatment, so that they have fine anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion ability to make processed material without pollution.
  JM series colloidal mill is mainly made up of three parts: grinding head, pedestal driving part and special motor. Thereinto, the movable and static millstones are the key parts of this machine, as a result, their models should be different according to the characters of processed materials. However, all of them are made by stainless steel. Continuous type (also called vertical type) motor should be designed specially according to the difference of models, equipped with water-baffle dial at the flange of the motor to prevent leakage. The vertical type structure refers to picture 1 and 2, and the separated type structure refers to picture 3.
  The basic working principle of colloidal mill is shearing, grinding as well as high-speed stirring applied force, grinding is finished depending on the relative movement of tooth-form slope, one of them rotates at high speed, while the other stays still to make materials that passing between tooth-form slopes receive great shear force and friction, and to grind, emulsify, smash, homogenize and mix them under complex forces such as high-frequency shake, high-speed vortex and others at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of fine and super micro.
  JM series colloidal mill has stable operation and slight shake, can be parked on even ground or equipped on cement base according to using requirements. In order to make users¨ production and using convenient, all the pedestals of colloidal mills have installation holes, the installation dimension of vertical colloidal mill refers to picture four.
5、Operation and notice
  Connect material inlet or material inlet pipe and material outlet, then connect material outlet circulation pipe in sequence, and connect cooling water pipe JM-L50a、b system without cooling waterand leakage discharging pipe at last.
  After installing start device of electric power and (conditional users can match with ampere meter and indicator lamp) connecting electrical source, the operation direction of machine should be especially noticed to judge whether the motor rotates normally or not, or observe whether the rotation direction is in accordance with the ^red rotation direction sign ̄ on the colloidal mill from material inlet. Reversion is forbidden.
   Adjust clearance of millstone, ^anticlockwise ̄ screw two handles of command dial to loose them and ^clockwise ̄ screw command dial in case of not starting the machine, stretch one hand into the square hole of pedestal to rotate motor leaf, stop it when there¨s slight friction sound, at this time, the reading of index confirms that the clearance between movable and static millstones is ^0 ̄. But the reading of the index should be remembered, for it is not 0 degree, the fact is that the clearance of millstone is ^0 ̄, then reverse (anticlockwise) command dial for several circles to make the clearance larger then 0. Generally speaking, under the condition of satisfying fine requirements of processed material, make the clearance of millstone regular as much as possible.
   Put through cooling water JM-L50a、b system without cooling water, put material into the mill to process and produce after the colloidal mill operates normally.
Put proper quantity of water or other liquids that are related to processed material into the material inlet before shutting down, and put material into it immediately after starting, or the hard combined sealing part may be damaged, or the motor may be burnt because of leakage.
   Make sure there isn¨t any quartz, cullet, metal scraps or other hard materials in processed materials, it is better to use 15 mesh/ inch sieve to filter and process. Or the movable and static millstones may be damaged.
   Motor load of processed materials should be noticed, the material should be reduced if it is overload.
   The material outlet valve is not allowed to close down when the colloidal mill is operating to prevent leakage because of over-pressure in the cavity of mill.
   Colloidal mill belongs to precise machinery, with little clearance between millstones and with rapid rotate speed. Operators should be on duty strictly, operate according to the regulations, shut down the machine immediately if there is failure, and carry out production after eliminating it.
   After using, the colloidal mill should be disinfected and the inner part should be cleaned out thoroughly, make sure not to remain material in it to avoid damage because of hard machinery¨s cohesion.
6、Maintenance and repair
  Colloidal mill is high-precise machinery, the linear speed achieves 20m/s, with very small clearance between millstones. After examining and repairing, coaxiality error between crust and principal axis must be rectified with centigrade meter, and it should be ‖0.05mm.
  When repairing the machine, in the course of disassembly and reassembly, it can not be knocked by hammer, with wooden hammer or tap it after cushioning wood block to avoid damaging accessories.
   Sealing parts of this machine: static sealing and dynamic sealing. The static sealing adopts O-shaped rubber ring while the dynamic sealing adopts hard mechanical combined sealing. If there is nick on the hard sealing surface, it should be grinded to restore by flat glass or flat casting, abradant material had better be|200# carborundum grinding paste. Please replace it if the sealing part is damaged badly or the crack is very serious.
  In the course of using, maintain it regularly according to processed material.
  The maintenance and using of motor, please refer to the motor manual.
  Most of the spare parts along with the machine are GB as well as standard parts of ministry and bureau, they can be purchased all through the country.
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