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   Hao Star high-shear homogenizing and emulsifying machine is also called piping type high-shear homogenizing and emulsifying machine, high-shear emulsifying machine, high-shear homogenizer, high-shear mixing machine for fluid material, it is an authenticated product of IS09001. WRH intermittent (vertical type) and SRL piping type (horizontal type) make use of the cooperation of high-speed rotating shear traction wheel and static shear wheel to sufficiently shear, emulsify, homogenize, disperse and mix fluid material and mixture. It is a new product developed and made on the base of absorbing foreign advanced technique and craft, all of its indexes have achieved domestic leading level, especially suitable for foodstuff, beverage, chemical industry, biochemical, pharmacy as well as other fields, it is a necessary emulsification and homogenization mechanical equipment for fluid material, it can make fluid material be sheared and mixed at high speed to achieve ideal benefit. (Some units have already used it- click to look over)

Foodstuff industry: aloe, pineapple, gingeli, fruit tea, ice cream, stuffing of moon cake, butter, jam, juice, soybean, bean jam, sweetened bean paste, peanut milk, albumen milk, dairy, melted milk, essence, various beverages, etc.
Chemical industry: paint, pigment, dyestuff, dope, lubrication, lubricating grease, diesel oil, petroleum activator, emulsion asphalt, adhesive, washing lotion, plastic, detonator, glass reinforced fibre, leather, emulsion detonator, etc.
Daily chemical: toothpaste, washing lotion, shampoo, shoeshine, high-class cosmetic, body lotion, soap, fragrant oleoresins, etc.
Medical industry: various syrups, nutrition liquid, Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, poultice, biological product, cod liuer oil, pollen, bee loyal jelly, bacterin, various ointments, various oral liquids, needle dose, vein dropping, etc.
Construction industry: various dopes, including dope for inner and outer walls, anti-corrosion waterproof dope, multi-color dope, ceramic glaze, etc.
Paper-making industry: pulp, adhesive, rosin emulsification, paper-making assistant, resin emulsification, etc.
Pesticide industry: bactericide, seed coating agent, weedicide, pesticide oil, chemical fertilizer, biochemical pesticide, biological pesticide, etc.
Other industries: textile industry, coal floating agent, rare earth, dispersion and polymer degradation of nanometer material, reaction extraction, war industry, etc.
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