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1¡¢Technical parameter
model Model£º ¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡Corresponding flux£º ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡T£¯h
Motor power£º Kw ¡¡¡¡Rotate speed of motor £º¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡rmp
pressure£º ¡¡¡¡ ¡Ã 0.2 Mpa
£²¡¢Installation and regulation
£¨£±£©Check whether the seals of inlet and outlet of high-shear dispersing and emulsifying machine are good, whether there are sundries, scrap metal or other materials that are bad for the equipment in the machine body.
£¨£²£© Check whether there is damage of motor and the whole machine in the course of transporting or leaving factory, install safety touch electric device at the time of connecting power switch.
£¨£³£© Clean up the craft pipeline before inlet and outlet of this equipment connect to it, connect to this machine in condition that there is not any welding dregs, scrap metal, glass scrap, quartz sand or other materials that are bad for it.
£¨£´£©The RH piping type equipments should be installed in the nearest part of container, for example, the bottom of container. The pipeline must be simple and direct, use syphone as little as possible so as to reduce resistance of materials in the course of circulation.
£¨£µ£© The installation position of WRL intermittent type equipment should be vertical comparing with the container, the seal must be fine if installed slantways, it should be dampproof, dustproof, moistureproof and explosion-proof.
£¨£¶£© Before starting, turn the principal axis, the feel should be even, flexible, without other friction sound or abnormal sound.
¡®£¨£·£©When installing, inlet and outlet pipelines of SRH piping type equipment should adopt fast-installation type hoop union structure.
£¨£¸£© Start up power device after finishing above tasks, be on and off repeatedly to examine whether the rotation direction of motor is in accordance with rotation symbol of principal axis, reversion and racing are strictly forbidden. If everything is normal, the machine can be delivered to use.
£³¡¢Structure diagram of product (SRW series)
£´¡¢Use and maintain
For SRH piping type equipment, connect mechanically sealed cooling water before starting machine, while cutting off the cooling water after shutting off the machine. Use running water to act as cooling water. Pressure of cooling water should be no more than 0.2Mpa. Make sure the materials are in the cavity before starting machine, besides, never operate under the condition that there isn¡¯t any material to avoid racing, which may cause burnt of mechanical sealing parts because of high temperature or affect service life. Equip hose for inlet and outlet connections of cooling water, the inner diameter is ?5mm rubber tube.
Start up the motor after the mechanically sealed cooling water is put through, do make sure the rotation direction of motor should be the same as the rotation symbol of principal axis before operating, reversion is forbidden!
£¨£³£© When using the machine, fluid material must be continuously added or keep a certain volume in the container. In order to protect the equipment, racing should be avoided to prevent materials producing high temperature or becoming solidification in the course of working, racing is strictly forbidden!
£¨4£© Generally speaking, transport materials into SRH piping type equipment through, the materials must be continuously supplied to keep their fine fluidity. When the fluidity is relatively bad and the viscidity is no less than 4000CP, transfer pump should be equipped at the inlet of SRH piping type equipment, the pressure of pump is 0.3Mpa. Choose the pumps such as rotary lobe pump (cam rotor pump), the flux range should be matched with that of selected piping type emulsifying machine. (Should be larger than min flux value, and less than max flux value)
£¨5£©Scrap metal or sundries, which are hard or difficult to crush, are strictly prohibited in working cavity for fear that working stator, rotor and equipment are destructively damaged.
£¨6£© Stop and examine immediately in case there is abnormal sound or other failures in the course of operating, restore it after eliminating them. Clean out the working cavity, stator and rotor after shutting off.
£¨7£©SRH piping type equipment such as craft working cavity can be equipped with heat preservation layer additionally to cool down or heat up materials, put through cooling liquid or heat-transfer oil before starting the machine. Working pressure of heat preservation interlayer should be no more than 0.2Mpa£¬ when the processing has temperature requirements (for example: pitch), it must be heat up or cool down to normal working temperature, jigger and start it.
£¨8£© When the equipment is used in flammable and explosive working environment, corresponding grade of explosion-proof motor should be used.
£¨9£© Make sure to clean up the equipment after finishing production to maintain working efficiency of stator and rotor and to protect the function of mechanical sealing even more. Design and install a set of cleaning circulation device nearby the equipment¡¯s periphery if necessary.
£¨10£©According to the mediums, clean out the filters of inlet and outlet regularly to avoid reducing inlet volume of material and affecting production benefit. The materials entering working cavity must be fluid, powder material and conglomerated materials can not enter it directly, or they will damage the equipment because of block.
£¨11£© Examine stator and rotor regularly, and replace related parts and components in good season if the abrasion is too bad, so as to ensure dispersing and emulsifying effect.
£¨12£© If there is liquid leakage phenomenon at the shaft in the course of SRH piping type equipment¡¯s operation, regulate the pressure of mechanical sealing after stopping. (note: give detailed introduction in operating instruction of mechanical sealing)
£¨13£© Draw up corresponding safety production and operation regulations before using the equipment to guarantee the safety of operators and the equipment. Users should set safety protection system in electrically controlled system, with fine and reliable grounding device of electrical equipment and motor.
5¡¢Disassembly and installation of equipment
The disassembly instruction takes SRH piping type as example (the main body is the same as WRL intermittent type, so it is omitted), refer to sketch map of SRH piping type product, remove the coupling part before disassembling to prevent working scene disturbing disassembly.
Loosen coupling bolt on stator £¨1£©, pull it horizontally after loosening. Note: be careful, not to bump stator tooth and rotor body to avoid damage of stator and rotor.
Insert ¨ª10 round steel into disassembly and assembly technological hole of principal axis £¨6£©, loosen the cover-shaped nut on the principal axis with spanner, take down rotor £¨2£© and regulate axial sleeve.
Disassemble the coupling bolt on connection bracket £¨4£© and crust body (working cavity), take down crust body £¨3£©.
£¨5£© Disassembly and assembly of mechanical sealing (mechanical sealing part) £¨5£©refer to: operating instruction of mechanical sealing.
£¨6£©Loosen the set bolt on the motor shaft, knock down the principal axis and the equipment is disassembled completely.
The orders of installation and disassembly are the opposite, extrapolate it.

Failure Reason Elimination
SRH piping type does not send materials out or the sent materials are very few. 1¡¢Valve does not open, or inlet and outlet pipeline block. Open the valve and clear up blocked pipeline.
2¡¢The flow of pipeline is complex, and the resistance is too large. Predigest and shorten pipeline design.
3¡¢Reverse Regulate power connection circuitry of motor.
4¡¢Viscidity of material is too large. Add feeding pump or diluted material at the material inlet of this equipment
The equipment produces metal friction sound when vibration 1¡¢Principal axis¡¯s eccentricity because of impact produced by hard materials such as metal. Eliminate hard sundries, replace principal axis.
2¡¢Slight distortion of stator and rotor because of impact produced by hard materials such as metal. Eliminate hard sundries, restore or replace stator and rotor.
The equipment does not run and the turntable does not move suddenly 1¡¢When impacted by hard materials such as scrap metal, the equipment is locked caused by principal axis¡¯s eccentricity or stator and rotor¡¯s distortion. Eliminate hard sundries, restore or replace stator and rotor.
2¡¢Trip or burnt motor because of overhigh viscidity of material, or the overload of transportation flux at the front of inlet of SRH piping type Regulate viscidity of material, choose proper feeding pump which is matched with the flux, or regulate flux of feeding pump
Leakage 1¡¢Damage of static sealing washer. Replace static sealing washer
2¡¢Uneven force of airproof working face. Regulate the force of working face.
3¡¢Leakage of mechanical sealing. Replace mechanical sealing parts or O-shaped loops of movable and static rings.
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