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"Hao star" colloidal to rub JM series wet type ultra new-type equipment that particle process , " whole stainless steel " various kinds of type colloidal to rub especially, belonging to multiple patented products, initiate at home, the appearance is unique , the volume is light and handy, environmental protection is neat, the advantage such as being high-efficient of energy-conservation, it was the ultra particle of the second generation of wet type which our factory succeeded in developing that processed the new-type equipment. Meet the requirements of the processing of production of high-quality environmental protection of the trade , such as food industry , daily- use chemical industry , medical industry , all large and medium universities and colleges , R&D institution ,etc. better, and can be to processing the special build-to-order manufacturing of the request , such as acidity , alkali degree , dense consistency of the supplies ,etc. according to the customer.

"Hao stars " rub JM series to design colloidally compactly even more, easy to operate, the appearance is novel , handsome in appearance , seals good , performance to stabilize , fit up simple , environmental protection energy-conservation , neat hygiene , small , high advantage of efficiency. Suitable for all kinds of milk form quality of liquid , is it take , disperse , mix , crush , grind to float, function of mixing etc., superior to the stone mill greatly , sand mill , glass pearl mill , ball mill , milk even machine , emulsification machine , three roller machine , organization person who pound to pieces ,etc. type processing quality and efficiency of equipment, apply to the following fields extensively:

Food industry: (Aloe, pollen broken wall, pineapple, sesame , fruit tea , ice cream , moon cake filling , cream , jam , fruit juice , soybean , beans sauce , sweetened bean paste , peanut milk , albumen milk , soy milk , dairy products, extract of malt and milk, essence, various kinds of beverages, emulsification chicken's bone mashed, emulsification pigskin and other animal's skins, etc.)

Chemical industry: (Paint, pigment, dyestuffs, coating , lubricating oil , lubricating grease , diesel oil , petroleum catalyst , emulsification pitch , adhesive , detergent , plastics , explosive , glass fibre reinforced plastic , leather , emulsification explosive ,etc.)

Daily-use chemical industry: (toothpaste , detergent , shampoo , shoe polish , advanced cosmetics , shower precise , soap , face cream ,etc.)

Medical industry: (Various syrup, nourishing oral liquid, Chinese patent drugs, lotion form drug, biologicals , cod liver oil , pollen, bee emperor thick liquid, vaccine, various kinds of ointment , various kinds of oral liquid , thimble, the quiet to last liquid , pancreas enzyme preparation , emulsion , herded medicine ,etc. of)

Industry of the building: (Various kinds of coating . Including internal and external wall coating , antiseptic waterproof coating , cold porcelain coating , colorful coating , ceramic frit ,etc.)

Other industry: (Plastics industry, textile industry, papermaking industry, biochemical industry, environmental protection energy-conservation, coal flotation agent, nanometer material, all large and medium universities and colleges, R&D institution,etc.)

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