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Working principle:

Hao stars cauldron at the end of emulsifier is installed in the reactor at the bottom of the crushing homogeneous emulsification equipment, under normal circumstances and the intermittent emulsifying machine, pipeline pumps and other equipment used in conjunction with emulsion was more prominently and more effectively address the other equipment can not be solved The kettle bottom sediment by 100% while the grinding, crushing, emulsifying, mixing, homogenization, dispersion processing. Resulting in high-speed rotating centrifugal rotor under the action of the figure head of the material from the work area from both the upper and lower feed axial inhalation working chamber.
Hao stars cauldron at the end of emulsifier in the strong centrifugal force the material from the radial rejection stator and rotor in the gap between the narrow and precise, while subject to centrifugal extrusion, impact and other forces, so that the initial material dispersed emulsion.
Hao stars cauldron at the end of emulsifier in high-speed rotation of the outer end of the rotor generate at least 15m / s above the line speed, up to 50m / s, and form a strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, liquid layer of friction, impact tear, so that material adequate dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, broken at the same time shot through the stator slot. Materials, constant speed from the radial injection. In the material itself and the container wall to change the resistance to flow at the same time generated by the rotor area, the next under the effect of axial suction, but also the formation of the upper and lower two flip shares a strong turbulence. After several cycles of materials and ultimately the completion of dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, crushing, mixing wet material processing.
Through a large number of experiments confirmed that the different shapes of the stator head has a different emulsifying effect, Hao series of emulsifying machine is equipped with different types of stator head, in order to meet the different processes, different materials, dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, crushing, mixing and other functions.

a. stator mesh: suitable for low viscosity liquid mixture, the shear rate of the largest and most suitable emulsion and small particles in the liquid in the grinding, dissolution process.
b. Long-hole stator: medium solid particles suitable for rapid crushing and medium viscosity liquid mixture, long-hole cut for the surface to provide the greatest area and a good cycle.
c. hole stator: suitable for a general mixed or large particles of crushing, in which the stator's head round holes to provide the best of all the cycle of the stator is suitable for processing high viscosity materials.

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