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Technical parameter of rotary lobe pump
Product mode discharging volume of every hundred rotates suggested range of speed regulating corresponding flux motor power diameters of inlet and outlet pipes
ZB3A-6 6 200~500 650~1600 0.75 Ø25×1.5
ZB3A-8 8 850~2160 1.5  
ZB3A-12 12 1300~3200 2.2  
ZB3A-20 20 2100~5400 3  
ZB3A-30 30 200~400 3200~6400 4  
ZB3A-36 36 3800~7600 5.5  
ZB3A-52 52 5600~11000  
ZB3A-66 66 7100~14000 7.5  
ZB3A-78 78 9000~18000  
ZB3A-100 100 11000~22000 11  
ZB3A-135 135 15000~30000  
ZB3A-160 160 17000~35000  
ZB3A-200 200 20000~43000 15  

Order notice:
  In order to achieve perfect transportation effect, we should pay attention to following points when selecting pump:
1. Character of transported medium: density, viscidity, PH value, temperature and so on.
2. Output lift, pressure, flux and other requirements of required pump.
3. Granule quantity, size and others in medium.
4. Selection of interface, this product generally adopts hoop fast-installation type to connect (or adopts thread fast-installation, flange as well as other interface ways).
5. This product can be specially made according to users’ special requirements or specifications.

  The corresponding flux range in this table is the data tested on the base of “water”. When transporting high-density and high-viscidity materials, a larger model should be selected or the motor power should be increased.
  ZB3A series rotary lobe pumps are: Model A (refer to colored picture) adopts common motor, should be equipped with frequency conversion speed regulating; Model B (refer to colored picture) adopts stepless shift friction motor. The most optimal speed regulating range is 200~500 rpm.
When transporting mediums that have poor fluidness, equipped with pump that is matched with flux at the inlet.
  Under the premise not affecting basic structure or performance improvement, we will not inform additionally. (Edition 2004)

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